Case Study


The Challenge

Our customer needed an automated system to sort different brands of aluminum can beverages into specific 20-can recipes, while collecting data to integrate with their current ERP system. Their current process involved hundreds of workers, many of whom English is not their first language, working 24 hours a day loading trays by hand, with no real data being generated during this time. These cans and trays have differences in size, cleanliness, and quality which resulted in poor quality control, incorrect recipes, and problems with output whenever workers were gone. They needed a turn-key system that has little to no downtime and would maximize production while leaving workers to be better utilized in less critical areas.

Our Solution

The team at Eagle Manufacturing designed and fabricated a fully automated machine that would take aluminum cans from a variety of manufacturers and organize them into recipes created by our customer. Using a mix of conveyors, diverters, and gantry robots we are able to create multiple recipes at once with minimal to no downtime. This smart machine is able to track data, create custom recipes, and detect issues to prevent unwanted downtime. This system was integrated with top manufacturers such as Festo, Mitsubishi, and Keyence to provide a hands-free fully automated machine.

The machine operator can put any combination of cans in one end of the machine and the other end will produce continue to produce the correct recipe as long as the correct cans are in the system. Unopened cans are reused and recirculated, utilizing machine vision we can determine if a can is damaged and take it out of the system before it is added to a finished tray.


Improved output, workflow, data tracking, and process organization. We were able to produce data that will integrate with the customer’s existing ERP system, allowing for consistent and familiar output for the management team.

Services Utilized

  • Robotic Pick and Place
  • Machine Vision
  • Data Collection
  • Material Handling
  • Part Inspection
  • Case Packing