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Automation is quickly becoming the single most significant factor for accelerating production, driving ROI, and elevating brand competitiveness in all industries. In today’s fast-paced business environment, automation has emerged as a critical factor for boosting production, driving return on investment, and enhancing brand competitiveness across all industries. Achieving successful automation, however, requires the collaborative efforts of cross-disciplinary teams who work together to develop tailored solutions for complex challenges. By leveraging intelligent systems and customized robotics, businesses can significantly reduce the risk of human error, minimize downtime, and accelerate time-to-market.


To stay ahead of the competition and meet the evolving demands of customers, businesses must strive to differentiate themselves by increasing agility, optimizing productivity, and achieving sustainability goals, all while minimizing costs. With our extensive industry expertise, we offer comprehensive solutions that minimize project risk and maximize production. Our team of experienced engineers is well-versed in local codes, standards, and application requirements, allowing us to meet your specific needs. By improving production processes, we can help you achieve greater efficiency, productivity, and ultimately, business success. Whether you’re looking to reduce energy consumption, modernize legacy systems, or leverage data to drive better outcomes, we have the expertise to help you succeed.


Together, we bring a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to help you stay competitive in a rapidly changing business landscape.


With our proficiency in designing and engineering industrial control systems, we can assist you in improving your operational efficiency, reducing the total expenses involved in machinery design, development, and delivery, and meeting customer expectations. These are some of the benefits our machines can provide:


  • Increased efficiency
  • Maximized performance
  • Improved accuracy
  • Increased profitability
  • The attraction of new customers through innovation


Whether you require individual components, complete systems, or specialized consulting, our approach is always personalized to meet your specific needs.

Automation has become a necessity in the modern world of manufacturing. It allows businesses to increase production while reducing costs, improving quality, and maximizing efficiency. However, every company has unique needs, and off-the-shelf automation solutions may not always meet those needs. Our custom automation solutions provide a tailored approach to meet specific requirements and challenges.


Automation of Aluminum Can Sortation Machine with conveyors, gantry robots, singulation screws, and diverters

Manufacturing Capabilities and Services

  • Industrial robots
  • PLC and PC machine control
  • Vision systems for precision accuracy
  • Indexing systems
  • Packaging systems
  • Laser displacement measurement
  • Servo & stepper motors
  • Motion control systems
  • Material Handling
  • Pick & place robots
  • Material joining systems
  • Laser marking and processing
  • Bar code scanners
  • Non-contact measurement
  • Assembly machines

Industrial Robotics

We integrate robotics from companies such as Kuka, Mitsubishi, FANUC, and Universal Robots for precision in our Automation Process. These Industrial robots are designed to automate repetitive, labor-intensive, and potentially hazardous tasks, thus enhancing productivity, improving worker safety, and reducing manufacturing costs.


They can operate with high precision, speed, and consistency, resulting in better product quality and reduced production errors. Additionally, industrial robotics can help you become more eco-friendly by streamlining processes and reducing waste.

Big Data Collection

Data collection is the systematic process of gathering, measuring, and analyzing information from various sources to gain insights, make informed decisions, and improve overall performance. For companies implementing custom automation solutions, data collection plays a crucial role in optimizing processes, enhancing efficiency, and driving innovation.


  • Informed decision-making
  • Process optimization
  • Improved quality control
  • Personalized customer experiences
  • Predictive analytics

Artificial Intelligence

As the world changes, we continue to adapt. Utilizing Ai in your equipment can provide invaluable information regarding your process.


Ai can analyze sensor data and predict breakdowns and accidents. Synthetic intelligence systems aid production facilities in determining the likelihood of future failures in operational machinery, allowing for preventative maintenance and repairs to be scheduled in advance.


  • Reduce unplanned downtime
  • Enhance Efficiency
  • Boost your product quality
  • Reinforce the safety of your workers

Machine Control

Eagle Manufacturing has the capability to provide you with both PLC and PC Machine Control.  Whether you need a system that can operate in Extreme conditions that provides you with real-time control, or you need a more cost-effective option with flexibility in your application and advanced functionality, Eagle has you covered.


Both PLC and PC Machine Control systems have their merits and can be suitable for different applications. PLCs are typically preferred for their ruggedness, reliability, and real-time control capabilities, while PC Machine Control systems offer flexibility, advanced functionality, and easier integration with other software systems. The choice between the two depends on the specific requirements of the application and your organization’s priorities.

Vision Systems

Vision systems refer to the use of cameras, sensors, and software to capture, process, and analyze images for guiding, inspecting, or identifying objects in manufacturing and production environments. These systems play a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of our automated processes.  Our vision systems can be used for various applications including:


  • Quality inspection
  • Robot guidance
  • Optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Barcode and 2D code reading
  • Automated measurement

Servo Motor Control

Investing in our Servo-Controlled Systems is a strategic move that will bring immediate and long-term benefits to your business. Servo motors offer numerous benefits, including high output power, unparalleled accuracy and resolution, and energy efficiency. These advantages make servo systems an essential component in modern automation and manufacturing processes. There are many reasons why you should consider using servo motor control in your applications, here are a few of them:


  • Precision and accuracy
  • High torque at low speeds
  • Fast response time
  • Closed-loop control
  • Energy efficiency

Material Joining Systems

Our Material joining systems can include technologies like welding, soldering, adhesive bonding, and mechanical fastening. These processes can be automated using tools like robotic arms, servo and stepper motors, and advanced control software. Automation in material joining systems ensures consistent and accurate results, leading to improved product quality and faster production times.


The use of automation in material joining systems also enables real-time monitoring and adjustment of process parameters, such as temperature, pressure, and speed. This closed-loop control ensures optimum performance and minimizes defects or inconsistencies in the final products. Thus, material joining systems in automation play a crucial role in enhancing production efficiency, reducing costs, and maintaining competitiveness in the manufacturing industry.

Assembly Machines

A high-speed, multistation automated assembly system can produce tens of thousands of products per day.


Our assembly machines can range from simple, single-purpose devices to complex, multi-functional systems capable of handling a wide variety of assembly tasks. They typically incorporate several technologies, such as robotics, vision systems, sensors, and programmable logic controllers (PLCs), to ensure precise and accurate assembly operations. They can perform tasks like part picking and placement, screwing or fastening, gluing, soldering, and other joining processes.


Packaging Systems

Our automated packaging systems encompass various stages of the packaging process, including product handling, filling, sealing, labeling, and palletizing. These stages can be automated using a combination of technologies such as:


  • Robotic arms
  • Conveyor systems
  • Filling and sealing machines
  • Labeling machines
  • Vision systems
  • Palletizing systems
  • Control software

Automation allows businesses to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. This frees up employees to focus on more critical tasks, improving overall efficiency.

Automation in Manufacturing can also speed up processes exponentially, allowing businesses to complete tasks and projects more quickly. This results in improved customer satisfaction and increased revenue.

Automation solutions offer better uptime by reducing points of failure and allowing machines to function with fewer operators on the factory floor.


Orange Robots in manufacturing plant

Both fully and semi-automated solutions lower the risk of general error, and fully automated systems all but eliminate operator mistakes. Machines do not get tired or make mistakes due to fatigue or distraction, and they can perform tasks with greater precision and consistency. This can lead to better quality products and services, and ultimately, higher customer satisfaction. 


Okamoto Grinder doing lights out automation

Automation will work to ensure a faster production turnaround, higher throughput, more efficient project management, less downtime, and lower operating and maintenance costs—all of which help to increase profit and lower expenses in the long run.


By automating processes, businesses can reduce labor costs and eliminate the need for manual labor in certain areas. This can free up resources to invest in other areas of the business and ultimately lead to increased profits. 



Stay at the forefront of your industry in a world obsessed with the latest and greatest technology. In today’s fast-paced and competitive market, innovation is key to staying ahead of the curve. By embracing innovation in custom automation, companies can differentiate themselves from their competitors and provide unique solutions that meet the needs of their customers.


Innovation can also help future-proof automation systems by anticipating future needs and challenges and developing solutions that can adapt and evolve as needed.


Wires arranged inside a panel for manufacturing custom automation

Our in-house design and engineering team has over 100 years of experience in creating intricate custom automation processes from a blank slate. We take pride in offering creativity and precision to solve any of your production needs.


In-house design is important to us as it provides greater control, speed, cost-effectiveness, intellectual property protection, and flexibility. By having an in-house design team, we can ensure that our products are designed to meet specific needs and standards, while also responding quickly to changing market demands.



When needed, EagleMatic integrates vision systems, robotics, and more from industry-leading manufacturers.


Our strategic selection of vendors allows us to offer a variety of top-quality products to integrate into a custom solution for you.


We use partners such as: Cognex, Festo, Allen-Bradley, Hubbell, FANUC, Rexroth, Turck, Keyence, Lamina Technologies, and Mitsubish.


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