For more than 60 years, EagleMatic has been providing creative solutions to fit in a variety of standard and non-standard applications.

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In House Design to Completed Systems.

Manufacturing Capabilities and Services.

  • CAD/CAM Design and Engineering utilizing: AutoCAD®, SolidWorks®, MasterCAM®, MetaCAM®, and Camtek®
  • High Speed CNC Machining for material up to 48″ wide x 96″ long
  • Precision Wire EDM with cutting capacity of materials up to 18″ thick
  • Meticulous precision Surface, Blanchard, and Jig grinding, holding tolerance as tight as +/-0.0002
  • Laser and Water Jet Cutting for any materials up to 72″ wide x 162″ long x 8″ thick
  • Complete Controls Engineering for everything from Pneumatics to Hydraulic, Servos, and Robotics
  • Punch Dies / Tooling and Machine Build including Tryout and Runoff
  • Weldments, Fabrication

Precision at its finest.

We pride ourselves on offering our customers precision and heavy duty products all at the same time. This is possible because of our in-house machining equipment. Whether you need a machine base to be 5” thick or a detail to be held within 0.0005” tolerance, we have you covered.

Identify Problem

Conceptualize & Design Solution

In-House Design & Manufacture

Tryout & Buyoff

Deliver Equipment that Lasts

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Our Mission

It is EagleMatic’s mission to continue to be the premier, full-service provider of high quality, turn-key, automated, tooling and equipment systems! Years of experience and proven expertise allows us to offer our customers innovative solutions that increase productivity and improve safety through fully automation. EagleMatic is known as a go-to source for custom tooling and machinery solutions for all industries.