Case Study


The Challenge

Our client, a leading player in the automotive industry, was looking for a supplier to produce custom machines and tools to manufacture complex cooling tube assemblies complete to specifications. Grappling with unfamiliar production techniques, intensive research and development requirements, and the need for specialized expertise, they sought a partner who could navigate this complex landscape with dexterity and precision. Moreover, the high stakes involved in the project — both in terms of financial investment and the potential to disrupt the electric vehicle market — made it imperative that they get it right the first time. Faced with these formidable challenges, our client turned to us for our innovative engineering solutions, extensive experience in product development, and our track record of delivering results in high-pressure, high-stakes environments. They needed a partner who could not only deliver on their vision but also help them overcome the obstacles that lay ahead.

Our Solution

Our team successfully engineered a fully automated production line, which was specifically designed to manufacture these cooling tubes from the initial stage to the final product. We willingly took on the responsibility of not only designing but also constructing all the custom equipment that was necessary to produce the part in its entirety. The production line was composed of several key components including Uncoilers, Straighteners, Servo Forming Machines and Tools, Film Laminating, Multi-Axis Servo CNC Benders, Servo cut-off machines and Tools, Brazing Machines, and Leak flow Testing. Each of these components played a crucial role in the production process. In our efforts to streamline operations, we took the necessary steps to ensure that the 160-foot production line was fully automated. This significant change was instrumental in drastically reducing the number of operators that were previously required to produce the parts. As a direct result of this automation, we were able to witness a substantial increase in both efficiency and productivity. This strategic move not only optimized our production process but also enhanced our overall operational performance.


We were a one-stop facility where they did not have to manage and bring together multiple suppliers to achieve the results they were looking for. This machine Increased thruput,  achieved a high quality hands-free repeatable process, and reduced labor for our customer

Services Utilized

  • Machine Vision
  • Material Handling
  • Robotic Part Inspection
  • Robotic Pick and Place
  • Scrap Conveyance