Case Study


The Challenge

A customer of ours approached us with a unique and challenging requirement. They were in search of modern, cutting-edge technology that could effectively replace their antiquated Forming and Punching system. Their existing system was plagued with a multitude of safety concerns, and it was increasingly difficult for them to keep pace with the high production demands that their operations necessitated. Furthermore, it was falling short of meeting the stringent quality standards that their operations demanded, which was a significant concern for them. Faced with these mounting issues, they turned to us for assistance, placing their trust in our expertise and capabilities. They entrusted us to develop a comprehensive, all-encompassing production line. The primary objective of this project was to significantly enhance their production capacity. They were aiming for a substantial increase of 100%, while simultaneously ensuring that any downtime was kept to less than 5%, ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency in their operations.

Our Solution

Our dedicated and skilled team engineered a complex sequence of automated machines and tools. Each of these machines and tools is servo-driven and is designed to operate on the fly without interruption or delay. These highly sophisticated devices are expertly programmed to perform a wide variety of tasks automatically. These tasks include but are not limited to, Vacuum Forming, Rotating, Chopping, Slitting, Roll Forming, Piercing, and Cutoff operations. Each of these operations is critical in their manufacturing process and contributes to the overall functionality of the product. This advanced technology significantly streamlined the process, ensuring a high level of efficiency and precision in every task. This level of automation not only increased their productivity but also reduced the likelihood of human error, thereby enhancing the overall quality of the end product.


Increased thruput, high quality hands free repeatable process, and reduced labor

Services Utilized

  • Machine Vision
  • Data Collection
  • Material Handling
  • Part Inspection
  • Scrap Conveyance