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Machine Specifications

Eaglematic has an abundant amount of machines that aid in its manufacturing capabilities. These machines are keeping Eaglematic at the vanguard of manufacturing technology. It is the combination of these machines and our elite task force that allow for us to develop industry leading systems. Our machines that aid in the creation of these innovative designs include the following:

High Speed CNC Machining

  •    •   For any materials up to 98″ wide x 160″ long

Precision Wire EDM

  •    •   Cutting capabilities on materials up to 18″ thick

Surface, Blanchard & Jig Grinding

  •    •   Holding tolerance as tight as +/- 0.0001

Laser and Water Jet Cutting

  •    •   For any materials up to 72″ wide x 162″ long

CNC Lathe

  •    •   With a turn diameter up to 14″ and length of 16″

The above machines are widely computer controlled, entirely programmable, and more efficient than former models. Having these capabilities allows Eaglematic to minimize floor setup, turn out more parts in a fraction of the time, and reduce waste.

Eaglematic also offers many contract services as well as  high and low-volume production machining. If you have any inquiries about our machining capacity or our contract services please contact us.